Bombs Away: The Seed Bombing of Water Street

Take one ugly, undeveloped piece of land, add a contingent of concerned citizens, give them a whole lotta seeds and a "sexy" community event and what do you get? The folks behind Ypsilanti's "Seed Bomb Water Street" hope it'll be a field full of wildflowers… and, eventually, a local commons. News from Concentrate  Read More →

Ypsilanti’s Eastside Recreation Center: Two Visions

A trio of U-M architecture grad students were tasked with envisioning what the proposed $12 million rec center on Ypsilanti's Water Street property might look like. One plan highlights Ypsi's downtown, the other its park. Both are exciting and innovative approaches to urban development. News from Concentrate  Read More →

Washtenaw County floats rec center idea for Ypsilanti’s Water Street parcel

Is Ypsilanti's undeveloped Water Street parcel in for a watershed development? After floating a proposal to build a rec center on the Huron riverfront to the Ypsilanti City Council earlier this month, the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Department is gathering requested supporting information to strengthen its case for the center, which would front on Michigan Avenue. The information will include examples of how adjacent parkland and rec... [Read More...]