In Search of Your Next Tech Person?

You probably know how to source and recruit people from your own profession. An IT expert may be unsure how to source a great salesperson. A marketing guru might not know how to attract a CFO. What about filling a computer technology position? How does one do that? The best answer, which really applies to every hire no matter how skilled that position is or not:  be looking, really looking, before the vacancy occurs. We have talked on the Talent... [Read More...]

New Year’s Resolution: Expand Your Network

Why include this idea in our November newsletter? It’s important to plan ahead for networking, since not every group is free. You may need time to budget a couple hundred dollars for a new membership.  If you act fast, you might also be in time to attend a holiday party or December training event. Whether you are looking for work or looking for workers, the more you invest in the search the more likely you are to be successful.  The days of having... [Read More...]