Dexter’s downtown gets a new Coney Island and 8 jobs

The Detroit Tigers may have been ousted in the World Series, but the ballpark hotdogs served at area Coney Islands are here to stay. Dexter's Coney Island is the latest new outpost of this southeast Michigan culinary emblem. The new eatery, at 8124 Main St. in downtown Dexter, is in the space formerly occupied by Lorene's Village Cafe. Cacini plans to paint and reconfigure seating areas, adding booths. There are currently 99 seats,... [Read More...]

Rejoice clothing store brings the fashion-minded to Depot Town

Another new clothing store, Rejoice, is fashioning Depot Town into a viable alternative to the mall. Rejoice opened in August and carries new men's and women's wear, with an emphasis on jeans. Most pairs cost $20 and less, according to Dorothy Blackmon who co-owns the store with with her husband Terry. "Our focus is to bring good quality to this area. Good quality at a reasonable price," she says. The Blackmons sold clothes online... [Read More...]

Honey Bee Academy childcare facility to open in Dexter

In time for the back-to-school rush, a new daycare center is opening in Dexter. Honey Bee Academy owner Melissa Pangle is accepting new enrollment and plans to open the center, located at 7415 Dexter Pinckney Road, during the first week in September. The 2,100-square-foot building was home to another daycare facility that closed about nine months ago. "It's basically move-in ready," Pangle says. Honey Bee Academy will have room for... [Read More...]

U-M’s energy-saving Modular Data Center cools down computing costs

The University of Michigan has opened a new energy-efficient Modular Data Center, the very first of its kind in the nation. What distinguishes the new center from others is its modular design and a cooling system that uses ambient outdoor air (when the temperature is below 80 degrees) to cool the equipment, rather than the costly process of using recirculated chilled air for cooling, according to Andy Palms, director of communications systems and... [Read More...]

Ann Arbor-on-the-Huron

Ann Arbor chieftains are trying to restore the Huron River back to the same primacy it had as a vital water route for the area's early Native American residents. So can the city trade yet on its efforts to better integrate the river with the people? Paddles in hand, Concentrate's Tanya Muzumdar and Doug Coombe push off on a river culture study. News from Concentrate  Read More →