Conversations on Economic Opportunity with Tim Marshall

Tim Marshall is the president and CEO of Bank of Ann Arbor, and he is also the current chair of SPARK’s board of directors. Tim sat down with Paul Krutko to discuss the economy of the region, Bank of Ann Arbor, and the direction he wants to lead SPARK in.  They even touch on those clever Bank of Ann Arbor billboards that dot Ann Arbor. Q&A Paul:  One of the things that we were intrigued about is that you’ve been really innovative in... [Read More...]

To become Chief Doctor, go to med school and get an MBA

Dual MBA / masters degree programs are very of the moment these days. (U-M's joint degree from the Ross School of Business and School of Natural Resources is a popular one.) Now the latest tagline you want after your name is an M.D. / M.B.A., according to the New York Times. They're still quite rare, but Dr. James Kuo, chief executive of Ann Arbor's Adeona Pharmaceuticals, has one. Get the full story here. News from Concentrate  Read More →