No Word on 2009 21CJF Competition

SEIC Board did not mention next round of competition at meeting The SEIC Board at their meeting last Friday never mentioned the next round of the 21st Century Jobs Fund competition. What they did discuss was how to handle the available $6.7 million that isn’t getting claimed from the most recent round of competition. Two more companies, Avidimer Therapeutics and Accuri Cytometers joined Cielo Med Solutions in not agreeing or unable to take the... [Read More...]

21st Century Jobs Fund Awardees

The SEIC Board approved the recommendations of the NCMS reviewers giving 17 companies approval to borrow money from the state, totaling almost $30 million.  The 17 were the top scoring proposals of the 51 reviewed.  If any of the 17 change their mind about accepting the loan or the MEDC due diligence reveals inconsistencies in proposals causing some of the awards to be invalidated, the companies ranking 18, 19 or beyond would be approved.  This... [Read More...]

21CJF Update

Updated information about the 21st Century Jobs Fund competition The SEIC met last week to approve the list of companies that met the requirements for eligibility for the 21st Century Jobs Fund competition.  26 companies were rejected from the 117 that applied leaving 91 companies to be reviewed.  Those 26 should have received word by now but we haven’t heard any rumblings yet. David Haviland with Shepherd Advisors attended the meeting and... [Read More...]

Next Round of 21CJF

Stay tuned for announcement from SEIC board The SEIC board is meeting Monday February 25.  At that meeting they might approve the RFP for applicants to compete for the $30 million round of funding available this year.  Our friend David Haviland at Shepherd Advisors, who tries to attend all the SEIC meetings, was at the January meeting and reports on what he heard in his blog at A... [Read More...]

21st Century Jobs Fund News

An update on the next round of 21CJF competition Our friend David Haviland went to the Michigan Strategic Fund Board meeting last month to find out what he could about the next competitive round of funding via the 21st Century Jobs Fund.  Follow the link below for his report.  It’s a good review of the big picture of the 21CJF program and the portion committed to the competition for early stage companies. David says the SEIC will meet in January... [Read More...]

Next Round for 21st Century Jobs Fund ‘On Hold’

February SEIC Board Meeting cancelled The Michigan Strategic Fund Board meets next Wednesday.  Although the minutes of their January meeting are not on-line yet it is common knowledge that they did not approve the SEICs request to start a new round of funding for Michigan start-ups.  The MSF wants to use the $34 million for other programs.  Some of those dollars may be for programs that will help Ann Arbor respond to the opportunities and challenges... [Read More...]