How to work effectively with a recruiter to get the job you want – Part II

Today’s post is written by Clay Johnson of Technical Engineering Consultants Last month my blog focused on dispelling some of the misconceptions about working with a recruiter and on being realistic about what you are looking for in your next opportunity. This month I’d like to discuss how and why it’s important to maintain your relationship with the recruiter. Disclose Information If you keep information from your recruiter, you’re not negotiating;... [Read More...]

What Does It Take to Go Face-to-Face?

Today’s post is written by Scott Trossen of the Trossen HR Group. Congratulations! You landed an interview. Before you meet a recruiter or hiring manager at Starbucks or their office, you probably will have had a phone interview. Maybe you were asked to use new technology to record video answers to written questions. Now what? How can you be best prepared to go face-to-face? The following four P’s will help. Principle #1. I hope it goes without... [Read More...]

Top 5 reasons the University of Michigan’s student entrepreneurial movement matters

As featured on December 7, 2009 by Nathan Bomey Here’s’s Top 5 reasons why the University of Michigan’s student entrepreneurial movement matters to the Ann Arbor region. 1. U-M is putting dollars behind it. The Center for Entrepreneurship recently collaborated with various partners to establish TechArb, a permanent student business incubator in the McKinley Towne Centre next to Google and Ann Arbor SPARK. 2.... [Read More...]