Mayor Hieftje: Conversations on Economic Opportunity

In August, Paul Krutko, president and CEO of SPARK, sat down with Mayor John Hieftje to discuss economic opportunity in the Ann Arbor region. Mayor Hieftje assumed office in 2000, and has served as the city’s mayor ever since. The Mayor has led the city through a period of tremendous change, including the worst recession since the 1930s. Throughout their conversation, Paul and Mayor Hieftje discuss the significant challenges that have faced the... [Read More...]

A2 Ranked 7th “Mighty Micro” by AreaDevelopment Online

excerpted from AreaDevelopment Online When Richard Florida published The Rise of the Creative Class in 2002, a new dialogue among economic development professionals started: Does a city’s concentration of “creative” knowledge workers impact its economic output? Prior to Florida’s book, Next Generation Consulting (NGC) made a related discovery: Young knowledge workers said that where they lived was more important than where they worked. Furthermore,... [Read More...]