Variant Partners is celebrating 43 years of business in the staffing industry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – MAY 9TH, 2013 – ANN ARBOR, MI – Variant Partners, a franchise of the MRI Network™, is celebrating 43 years of business in the staffing industry this Thursday, May 9th, 2013.  This type of longevity in the business is rarely seen.  Chairman of the Board, Sam Sarafa, started the franchise in 1970; Sam is still currently active in day-to-day operations while passing the torch to his son, David Sarafa – President of... [Read More...]

MI has new Tax Credit for Angels

Heading to the Governor for signature is HB 5921 the Small Business Investment Tax Credit bill.  Finally there is a credit Michigan Angels can use.  A big SHOUT OUT to Representative Ellen Lipton for proposing this bill and pushing it all the way to the goal line.  This legislation may prove to be one of the most important programs that will release the millions of private capital in Michigan that is currently sitting on the sidelines.  It also... [Read More...]

What’s in a Term Sheet?

Not often discussed in presentations about starting a company, particularly an innovative high growth company raising private equity from angels and VCs, is the term sheet.  The New Enterprise Forum and Ann Arbor SPARK are presenting a two part program about the various aspects of a term sheet.  An attorney, investor and CEO will discuss the many elements of a term sheet and the ramifications of each.  The first program is in two weeks, Thursday... [Read More...]

Boot Camp ROI

The SPARK Entrepreneur Boot Camp is really something special.  We read often about ‘Boot Camps’ around the country that help entrepreneurs start their new companies.  But when we drill down to see what is offered, their format, the content, etc. we come back to the same conclusion; the SPARK Entrepreneur Boot Camp is unique.  We have been providing this Boot Camp twice a year since 2002.  181 companies have gone through the two day... [Read More...]

Michigan Capital Available

Next Tuesday we are updating everyone on all the state funded programs that can put cash in the bank account of start-ups and early stage companies.  Andy McColm at U of M Office of Tech Transfer, Ned Staebler from the MEDC and Iwill explain the ins and outs of the many programs available.  We will explain the qualifications for eligibility and processes to apply. The program will be streamed on the web live for those who cannot attend.  Go to [Read More...]