Boston MichAGAIN Recap

This blog is written by Ann Arbor SPARK’s Phil Santer, Senior Business Development Manager, Livingston County. I’m just returning from Boston where a series of events had brought thousands of people into the city. The BIO International Convention and Enterprise 2.0 conference were in town, with upwards of 15,000 people there as a result. The Ann Arbor region was well represented at the BIO International Convention, with Velesco Pharmaceutical... [Read More...]

Two Ann Arbor SPARK Companies Mentioned in Fortune Article

Fortune’s recent “Tales of Rejuvenation in Motor City” includes two companies from the Ann Arbor region. Gerry Cox, courtesy of Fortune Velesco Pharmaceutical Services’ Gerry Cox talks about his transition from a large pharmaceutical company to founder of a start-up.  Velesco is an Ann Arbor SPARK Business Accelerator company. Daniel Gizaw, courtesy of Fortune Danotek Motion Technologies, a company supported  through the Michigan Pre-Seed... [Read More...]