Esperion Therapeutics, Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Podcast

Roger Newton is Executive Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of Esperion Therapeutics Tim Mayleben is President and Chief Executive Officer of Esperion Therapeutics Esperion Therapeutics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing first-in-class, oral, low-density, lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) lowering therapies for treatment of hypercholesterolemia and other cardiometabolic risk markers. In their... [Read More...]

Talent Enhancement: How Can I Make Sure Someone Reads My Resume?

Today’s post is written by Scott Trossen of the Trossen HR Group. This is an easy question to answer: You can’t. But these ideas can help you improve your chances. Principle #1. Apply and Ask. Look for what is advertised plus work your network. In 2001, with an MBA from a top-40 program and some name-brand employment experience, someone applied online for a Pfizer job through a very obscure job posting website. He also called a classmate whose... [Read More...]

Nanosystems featured in the Detroit Free Press

“In just four years, John Nanos has gone from teaching organic chemistry at the University of Michigan to building a multimillion-dollar company that’s helping the environment.  Katherine Yung profiles Ann Arbor SPARK client Nanosystems in October 4th, 2009 feature.” “But Nanos, who got his bachelor’s... [Read More...]

Company Formation and Growth Fund

Loan program to preserve Pfizer assets launched The Company Formation and Growth Fund is a new loan program designed to preserve assets, mostly employees, from the Pfizer reorganization.  It is a low interest loan offered to life science companies in the state who will be hiring former Pfizer employees in the upcoming year.  For each person hired a qualifying company can ask for $50,000, up to $500,000 in an unsecured low interest loan.  There... [Read More...]

New Pool of Funds for Pfizer Assets

MSF Approves $8mm Fund The Michigan Strategic Fund met Wednesday and approved proposals from three economic development organizations, including Ann Arbor SPARK, to create a fund to be invested in companies, including start-ups, that will keep Pfizer employees in the state.  Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo and Holland will meet next week to work out the details regarding the eligibility and distribution of the funds $8 million.  The primary purpose of the... [Read More...]