Bay Area CEO’s Experience Pure Michigan

It was a chilly but eventful Monday in the Valley for our MichAGAIN team. After visiting many coffee shops, some owned by Michiganders (shout out to Good Karma Cafe), speaking with students in the Society of Computer Engineering at San Jose State University, and learning about the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View (stay tuned for tomorrow’s update) it was time for our CEO to CEO dinner. No, there is no free parking in San Jose either! It was highly attended... [Read More...]

Talent Search, July 3 2009

Happy “Load up on…S’mores (C’mon, Be Daring And Try The Chocolate Graham Cracker/Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup Kind Just Once……), Skewers (Everything Tastes Better On A Stick!), Sparklers (But Be Sure To Remind Your Kids That Dogs Don’t Like To Be Chased Around With Them……In Fact Dogs Don’t Really Care For This Holiday In General, Except For The Extra Meat That Comes Their Way When It Stays On The Grill Too Long……), Sleeping... [Read More...]