Akervall Technologies Repays $15,000 Michigan Microloan Fund Program Award

Sassa Akervall, COO of Akervall Technologies, and Skip Simms, senior vice president of Ann Arbor SPARK Akervall Technologies recently repaid its Michigan Microloan Fund Program award, making it the first microloan recipient to repay funding.  The company, whose work on the innovative Protech Dent™ mouth guard was also awarded phase I SBIR funding, repaid its $15,000 microloan in just 15 months, nine months before it was due. “Akervall Technologies... [Read More...]

4 Companies Receive Michigan Microloan Funding

The Michigan Microloan Fund Program recently awarded four Michigan Companies a combined total of $122,000.  Akervall Technologies, Blaze Medical Devices, Ellison Corp. and Waste Water Heat Transfers Systems all received the funding to support commercialization of their core products. Akervall Technologies are based in Ann Arbor and have developed the Protech Dent™ mouth guard.  Blaze Medical Devices is also based in Ann Arbor and is developing... [Read More...]