Ann Arbor SPARK Recognizes Consistent Company Growth with FastTrack Awards

The FastTrack Award Winners at the 2013 Deals of the Year Awards Ceremony. Photo Credit: Doug Coombe Ann Arbor SPARK recently presented its annual FastTrack awards to Washtenaw-based companies that have demonstrated consistent growth. Several of the 2013 FastTrack award recipients were multiple year winners. “To grow a business is an amazing accomplishment, but to grow it consistently at a rate of 20 percent or more is an achievement worthy of recognition... [Read More...]

General Electric turns to Metro Detroit

from Metro Detroit’s underutilized manufacturing base could soon be tapped to make parts for General Electric.  The company is looking for up to 50 new suppliers in the area to make around $25 million worth of home appliance parts, according to the Detroit Free Press. read the rest of the article…  Read More →

Detroit Electric Holdings in and and today posted stories about Detroit Electric Holdings. Detroit Electric Holdings, a startup electric car company with close ties to Asian vehicle manufacturers, is searching the Ann Arbor region for office space with plans to hire more than 500 engineers. Read more from Detroit Electric Holdings, a startup electric car company, is searching the Ann Arbor, Michigan, region for office space with plans to hire... [Read More...]