300 Decisions finds footing in Detroit, Chicago in 1st year

Helen Davis launched 300 Decisions a year ago, her latest venture into starting a relocation-services business. Today, it has established itself in Metro Detroit and Chicago while it is entertaining prospects of expanding to the east coast. "We have clients. We're making money," says Helen Dennis, president of 300 Decisions. "We have been able to accomplish the completion of a lot of innovative services." The Ann Arbor-based... [Read More...]

Current Motor Co. to open showrooms in Chicago, Brazil

Current Motor Co. plans to sell its electric motorcycles all across the Western Hemisphere this year, with plans to open showrooms in Chicago and Brazil this summer. The company launched in 2010 as the amibtion of local environmentalists and tinkerers John Harding and Erik Kauppi. The Ann Arbor-based start-up received venture capital investment from BELLE Capital last year, allowing it to mass market its electric motorcycles. Current Motor Co. plans... [Read More...]

U-M students launch small engine efficiency start-up

Lihang Nong is fascinated with engines, especially small ones. The University of Michigan student, who is pursuing a masters in mechanical engineering, is turning that passion into a sustainability-oriented start-up, PicoSpray. PicoSpray is developing a super efficient fuel-injection system for the kinds of small engines that drive motorcycles and lawnmowers. The idea is to create a cost-efficient system that is both fuel efficient and cleaner. Nong... [Read More...]

Current Motor Co. lays groundwork for scooter production

Beta is a word commonly used with Internet start-ups, but it's a word that's en vogue with one automotive start-up, Current Motor Co. The Ann Arbor-based firm finished testing its pilot electric scooters earlier this year and is now in the final stages of developing its Beta bike. The three-year-old start-up hopes to begin mass producing the scooters later this year and with an eye for a market break-out in 2012. The company also plans... [Read More...]