Angela Barbash, Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Podcast

Angela Barbash is founder of Reconsider and principal of sister company Revalue. Reconsider is an impact economy research and development firm based in Ypsilanti, and Revalue is a registered investment advisory firm.  In her conversation with Paul Krutko, president and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK, Angela discusses both companies, the Investment Readiness program that helps entrepreneurs in need of capital funding, as well as Local Investor Education... [Read More...]

MEDC Teams With InfoReady To Help Michiganders Build Careers

InfoReady Corporation, provider of social media-based search and collaboration software products, recently teamed with the MEDC to deliver the Career Matchmaker and Career Investment Calculator web tools for Pure Michigan Talent Connect. The site features a Job Portal along with the InfoReady software-based Career Matchmaker, which determines industries and areas in high demand, and a Career Investment Calculator, which helps job-seekers evaluate... [Read More...]

4th Shifting Gears Program Beginning Soon!

Applications for the 4th Shifting Gears Program are due on September 3rd.  Shifting Gears is a 5 month intensive program with 3 phases that help to transition experienced worker’s skills to a small business environment. The purpose of “Shifting Gears” is to increase the success of individuals who want to leverage their career experiences and education to help small businesses grow. Check out SPARK’s first Social Media Press Release... [Read More...]

Ann Arbor Ranked #4 Best City for Families

Parenting Magazine’s July issue included an article that ranked Ann Arbor the 4th best city for families.  Described as “smallish yet sophisticated,” Ann Arbor is praised for it’s outstanding educational system with $17,140 spent per student on education and a 94% high school graduation rate.  The article also recognizes that 64% of Ann Arbor residents have accomplished four or more years of college.  Families can also enjoy the... [Read More...]

New Entrepreneur Education Series Launched

Ann Arbor SPARK launches new entrepreneur education series. Entrepreneur 1.0 Funding and Entrepreneur 2.0 Management Team.  Additional programs will feature HR and business formation topics.  Read More →