EAST LANSING, Mich. — DeNovo Sciences, a Michigan startup, and PicoCal, an Ann Arbor based company, have become the first recipients of the state’s Small Company Innovation Program (SCIP) Grants through the Michigan Corporate Relations Network (MCRN). The SCIP was created to help small Michigan companies attack technological and commercialization issues by providing them access to top research university resources and talent that they otherwise... [Read More...]

New Primers Increase Assay Confidence and Improve Sensitivity

Swift Biosciences, Inc. today announced their new line of myT™ Primer reagents for the detection of key cancer mutations.  myT Primers provide an increased level of confidence and convenience in qPCR assays.  Swift’s reagents have unique structural and thermodynamic properties that enable highly sensitive mismatch discrimination.  The extreme selectivity and reproducibility of myT Primers results in an assay that gives a definitive Yes/No answer... [Read More...]

Ann Arbor SPARK Incubator Clients Awarded $650,000 Business Funding

The Ann Arbor SPARK Foundation recently presented the winners of the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition with their cash awards.  The competition’s grand prize of $500,000 in cash was awarded to DeNovo Sciences and the competition’s $150,000 prize was awarded to Fusion Coolant Systems. DeNovo Sciences accepts their award at the Michigan Life Sciences Innovation Center. “DeNovo Sciences and Fusion Coolant Systems highlight how having... [Read More...]