Could NHL Winter Classic come to Michigan Stadium?

The Big House entered the Guinness Book of World Records last year for attendance when it held The Big Chill, the Michigan – Michigan State hockey game. Could the NHL top that? Excerpt: ""They play on Jan. 1st. It's a holiday. It's long after our stadium is closed up. Everybody is out of town, and in fact I hope a lot of people are at a bowl game and watching our football team. So there's a lot of complications as... [Read More...]

A2 second grader sets Guinness World Record

Making the Guinness Book of World Records at the age of seven is pretty cool, but it does beg the question: What do you do for a follow up? We're expecting great things from this Mridual Shanker. Check back in 15 years. Excerpt: "She's only a second-grader but Mridual Shanker is a world record holder in the hula hoop. The 7-year old completed 192 hula hoop rotations around her waist within one minute while standing on one leg to earn... [Read More...]

SPARK Incubator tenant launches UM “Hail to the Victor’s: 106,201 world record” campaign announces today the official launch of the “Hail to the Victors: 106,201 Campaign”, a grassroots project that aims to set a new world record for most ringtones played simultaneously. The campaign plans to bring together 106,201 University of Michigan students, alumni and fans to download “The Victors” ringtone free of charge to their mobile phones prior to the Ohio State-University of Michigan game at Michigan Stadium on November... [Read More...]