The Big House to host largest college hackathon event in country

If you want more evidence that it's the geeks that will inherit the earth you have to look no further than the Michigan Stadium on the weekend of September 20.   Excerpt:   "…when organizers sought a location for the September 20-22 event, they realized one of the only locations on campus big enough to hold the anticipated 1,000 hackers was the nation’s largest football venue — Michigan Stadium."   Read... [Read More...]

Ann Arborites’ MGoPatio makes biz out of Big House Saturdays

The garage renovation and patio addition that Martin and Katie Vloet planned for their Ann Arbor home was meant to be a space for the family to grow into and to share with family and friends. But being a little more than a football field away – about 130 yards – from Michigan Stadium the project went in another direction: From private oasis for a family of three to a football fans' paradise for rent. "As we started to do the... [Read More...]

Could NHL Winter Classic come to Michigan Stadium?

The Big House entered the Guinness Book of World Records last year for attendance when it held The Big Chill, the Michigan – Michigan State hockey game. Could the NHL top that? Excerpt: ""They play on Jan. 1st. It's a holiday. It's long after our stadium is closed up. Everybody is out of town, and in fact I hope a lot of people are at a bowl game and watching our football team. So there's a lot of complications as... [Read More...]

Can The Big House go solar?

Ann Arbor's Ecology Center, along with 3,000 petitioners, are trying to convince U-M to turn the largest sports stadium in North America into the largest sustainable sports stadium in the world. Excerpt: "In 2009, University of Michigan students completed a feasibility assessment of a stadium solar project, estimating that an installation could divert 776 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The Ecology Center's campaign is... [Read More...]