Governor Snyder talks Michigan Talent, Business, & Tourism

To listen to the full podcast, please click here. In his conversation with Paul Krutko, president and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK, Governor Snyder discusses’s Deals of the Year and three great Ann Arbor success stories, The Corner Brewery, Llamasoft and Barracuda Networks. The Governor also discusses the importance of Michigan talent and the quality of life and how the two benefit the state of Michigan. Hear how business, talent, and... [Read More...]

Liebherr-Aerospace expands facility, adds 20 jobs

Liebherr-Aerospace, located in Saline, is adding 33,000 sq ft to its existing 100,000 sq ft facility.  As part of the company’s expansion, it will also add 15-20 new jobs.  This expansion will help the company accommodate increased demand for its services. “Liebherr-Aerospace is able to expand in the Ann Arbor region, in part, because of its access to highly skilled, technical talent,” said Paul Krutko, Ann Arbor SPARK president... [Read More...]

Ten FastTrack Winners Announced at Deals of the Year

On Friday evening at’s Deals of the Year celebration, we presented FastTrack awards to 10 regional companies. Sponsored by Yeo & Yeo, P.C., CPAs & Business Consultants and Arboretum Ventures, FastTrack awards are presented to companies that have demonstrated consistent growth.  Several of the 10 companies that won 2010 FastTrack awards were multiple year winners, demonstrating long-term business growth. Join us in congratulating... [Read More...]

New Board of Directors Announced at Annual Meeting

New members to the Ann Arbor SPARK board of directors are Dr. Susan W. Martin, president, Eastern Michigan University, and John Hieftje, mayor, City of Ann Arbor.  New to the Ann Arbor SPARK executive committee are Elliot Forsyth, senior vice president, human resources and operations, ProQuest, Jan Garfinkle, managing director, Arboretum Ventures, Leigh R. Greden, executive director of government and community relations, Eastern Michigan University,... [Read More...]

Detroit Electric Holdings in and and today posted stories about Detroit Electric Holdings. Detroit Electric Holdings, a startup electric car company with close ties to Asian vehicle manufacturers, is searching the Ann Arbor region for office space with plans to hire more than 500 engineers. Read more from Detroit Electric Holdings, a startup electric car company, is searching the Ann Arbor, Michigan, region for office space with plans to hire... [Read More...]

Top 5 reasons the University of Michigan’s student entrepreneurial movement matters

As featured on December 7, 2009 by Nathan Bomey Here’s’s Top 5 reasons why the University of Michigan’s student entrepreneurial movement matters to the Ann Arbor region. 1. U-M is putting dollars behind it. The Center for Entrepreneurship recently collaborated with various partners to establish TechArb, a permanent student business incubator in the McKinley Towne Centre next to Google and Ann Arbor SPARK. 2.... [Read More...]

FastTrack Awards Accepting Applications

Ann Arbor SPARK is now accepting applications for the FastTrack Awards. The application deadline is October 19. FastTrack is an exciting annual program sponsored by Ann Arbor SPARK, and Weidmayer, Schneider, Raham and Bennett, CPAs recognizing companies in Washtenaw County for outstanding business success. Awards are presented to companies with consistent records of growth, defined as revenue of at least $100,000 in 2005, and average... [Read More...]

Micro loans in Washtenaw County

I’m on You Tube.  Nathan Bomey with Ann interviewed me last week regarding the new micro loans available to local start-up entrepreneurs.  A new aspect of reporting the news at the new is recording interviews with a mini camera and posting them as part of the story.  Here’s the link to that interview.  Read More →