McCreadie Group, Inc. Receives SOC 2 Type II Compliance from CyberGuard Compliance

March  13,  2017  –  ANN  ARBOR,  MI  -­  McCreadie  Group,  Inc.,  a  privately  held  pharmacy   software  solutions  provider  headquartered  in  Ann  Arbor,  Michigan,  is  pleased  to   announce  it  is  fully  compliant  with  SOC  2  Type  II  requirements.  For  the  McCreadie   Group,  this  achievement  comes  just  six  months  after  receiving  Type  I  compliance.


SOC  2  compliance  ensures  controls  are  in  place  to  safeguard  client  data  at  service   organizations  and  is  based  on  the  Trust  Service  Principles  and  non-­financial  controls.   The  difference  between  Type  I  (test  and  report  on  design)  and  Type  II  compliance  is  that   the  latter  focuses  on  operational  effectiveness.


“Achieving  the  SOC  2  Type  II  certification  demonstrates  to  our  clients  that  not  only  is  our   organization  designed  to  run  with  safeguards  and  controls  in  place  for  their  data,  but  that   McCreadie  Group  operationalizes  the  Trust  Service  Principles.  This  certification  speaks   to  the  high  degree  of  oversight  and  effectiveness  with  which  our  organization  is  run,”  said   Elena  Stegemann,  Chief  Operations  Officer  at  McCreadie  Group.


“This  compliance  once  again  shows  our  commitment  to  our  clients.  We  put  the  safety  and   security  of  their  data  at  the  forefront  of  running  the  company,”  said  Scott  McCreadie,   Founder  and  CEO  at  McCreadie  Group.


McCreadie  Group  has  been  transforming  the  way  research  pharmacies,  residency   programs,  and  pharmacy  schools  run  daily  operations  for  over  a  decade  with  web-­based   software  solutions  that  automate  manual  processes,  improve  efficiency,  and  simplify  and   ensure  compliance  with  industry  standards.


About  McCreadie  Group

The  McCreadie  Group,  Inc.  was  founded  in  2004  to  provide  software  solutions  for   pharmacy  applications  in  healthcare,  research,  and  educational  settings.  McCreadie   Group’s  goal  is  to  drive  improvements  in  quality,  efficiency,  safety,  and  compliance  in  the   pharmacy  profession  by  delivering  innovative  software  and  consultative  support.  To  learn   more  about  McCreadie  Group  and  its  products,  visit





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