Lakeside Software to Expand with New Ann Arbor Facility

Lakeside Software will grow its software development operations in Michigan, with a new location in Ann Arbor and an expansion to its existing operations in Bloomfield Hills.  The company recently received a Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) tax credit totaling $731,244 to help encourage the expansion.

Lakeside Software plans to invest $6.1 million to expand existing operations in Bloomfield Hills, as well as locate operations in Ann Arbor. The company expects the projects to create up to a total of 198 direct new jobs, 73 in Ann Arbor.

“The Ann Arbor region is rich in software development talent,” said Skip Simms, interim director and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK.  “For a fast growing company like Lakeside Software, that immediate access to talent is an important consideration when choosing a location for expansion.  Being able to hire the right talent, quickly, will boost Lakeside Software’s expansion efforts.”

The MEGA award helped convince Lakeside Software to invest in Michigan over a competing site in California.

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