The Panicked Job Seeker

Your company has shut down.  You and your boss just didn’t see eye to eye.  There was a consolidation and your position was eliminated.  There are many reasons why you could be frantically looking for your next job.  I know – I’ve been there myself plenty of times. Last week I was chatting with a friend that had lost his position through no fault of his own.  I asked him my typical question, “What do you want to do?” And his response... [Read More...]

Job Application Follow Up: What Should You Do After You Press Send?

You have just written the perfect, well researched cover letter to the employer of your dreams.  You have carefully tailored your resume to the position, making sure that many of the key words in the job description also are found in your resume, just in case the employer relies heavily on key word searching software, and have followed the instructions about how to submit your credentials.  Now what? Most people don’t do anything.  Some... [Read More...]

The ABCs of an Effective Job Search

Going through a career transition is exciting and scary. It is a time to find a new opportunity, to develop new skills, and maybe even completely reinvent yourself. It is also nerve-wracking, as your job is generally a significant part of your self identity and how you pay your bills. Here are some tips that I have learned from the many transitions that I have personally experienced. A – Attitude & Approach If you are in a career transition,... [Read More...]

Top Tips For Networking

Given the compelling value that “networking” provides, here are some of my top tips: Do spend at least 50% of your time networking, compared with the amount of time that you spend blindly applying to job postings online. Do reach out to your existing network of family, personal friends, professional contacts and others when you are in an active job search, describing to them your target occupation, list of companies, etc. Do reach... [Read More...]

Why You Didn’t Win the Interview

You think you’ve made it, you won the exclusive opportunity to interview with the company of your dreams. Then comes the crushing blow that you didn’t get the job. What could have caused your dream to be dashed so quickly? Take a look at these top reasons hiring managers pass on potential candidates: Untidy Personal Appearance Going the extra mile on your appearance can make or break your interview, even in a company with a relaxed dress... [Read More...]

Livingston Regional Job Fair to be held April 16th

At the 2014 Livingston Regional Job Fair local job seekers will have the opportunity to connect with over 50 area companies who are looking to hire. The event will be open from 11am-3pm on Wednesday, April 16th at Crystal Gardens Banquet Center in Howell located at 5768 East Grand River Avenue in Genoa Township. In a single day, job seekers can be prepared to meet with potential employers such as Action Associates/Work Skills Corporation, Asahi Kasei... [Read More...]

Choosing Ann Arbor to Grow Your Career

Graduating soon? If you’re like most of your fellow students, you’re probably applying for positions in large cities from coast to coast, but have you considered the city around you? Ann Arbor is thriving and bursting at the seams with unique restaurants and bars, cultural attractions, and entrepreneurial activity. And to top it all off, the city is extremely affordable compared to places like New York City and San Francisco. Main Street, Ann... [Read More...]

Systems In Motion to Hire 150 in Greater Ann Arbor Area

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – JANUARY 9, 2014 – ANN ARBOR, MICH. — Systems in Motion (SIM), a leading provider of enterprise technology consulting and solutions, is moving forward with aggressive growth plans in the next six months. As the company’s business continues to grow, both with existing clients and through new business development, SIM is looking to add at least 150 new employees in the next year; the majority of positions are expected... [Read More...]

Four Livingston County Companies Received a Total of Over $235,000 in Skilled Trades Training Funds

Four Livingston County companies are among more than 90 companies statewide that have received training funds from the state’s Workforce Development Agency as part of the new Skilled Trades Training Fund program.  Area companies awarded grants include CRW Plastics USA, Inc., ($95,000); Thai Summit America Corporation ($90,035), Total Security Solutions, Inc. ($17,936) and Brighton NC Machine, $33,000.  Together, these companies plan to hire more... [Read More...]

Chassix Grows in Livingston County with Assistance from Livingston County Michigan Works!

Chassix, formerly known as Diversified Machine, Inc. (DMI) and SMW, LLC (SMW), is increasing its employment base at its facility in Howell, Michigan, with assistance from local workforce development initiatives. Faced with new business opportunities, Chassix connected with local economic development organizations, such as Ann Arbor SPARK and Livingston County Michigan Works! (LCMW) to explore the workforce initiatives available. Finding employees... [Read More...]

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