Ann Arbor "Woman in Tech" award nominee discusses challenges of being a female tech leader

Grace Hsia says it's sometimes been difficult to convince suppliers that she was a CEO and that her woman-led company should be taken seriously. News from Concentrate  Read More →

Is Ann Arbor accessible for people with disabilities?

Ann Arbor has done quite a bit for residents with disabilities, but people with disabilities and their advocates say there is still room for improvement. News from Concentrate  Read More →

Barracuda to fill downtown Ann Arbor office with 115 new hires

If the IT security company wants to expand again, it might need to look into moving out of the former Borders bookstore space downtown. News from Concentrate  Read More →

New Vinology head bartender returns home from Colorado with bartending trends on the brain

When creating a custom drink, Ian Youngs says he starts by asking if there's anything the customer hates, and then follows up by asking: "What do you want to dream about tonight?" News from Concentrate  Read More →

Ann Arbor knows it has an affordability problem. But where’s the solution?

More than two years after a county-commissioned study provided hard data that many members of the middle class can't afford to live in the city, there still isn't a consensus on how to address the problem. News from Concentrate  Read More →

We need your feedback! Take our reader survey to help us create a better experience for you

Concentrate values your experience as a reader of our publication, and we'd like to invite you to fill out our reader survey.  News from Concentrate  Read More →

Ann Arbor’s Motawi Tileworks and Menlo Innovations named to Forbes’ top 25 small companies list

The second annual list recognizes American companies that have "sound models, strong balance sheets, and steady profits." News from Concentrate  Read More →

Cultivate to host 10-week "Sundays in the Garden" concert series

The Ypsi series echoes summerlong events like Sonic Lunch or the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, which have both become local entertainment institutions. News from Concentrate  Read More →

Three Ann Arbor firms named in "50 Michigan Companies to Watch" list

The annual awards ceremony is intended to be the Academy Awards for small business in Michigan. News from Concentrate  Read More →

How independent bookstores and the Michigan Theater kept authors coming to Ann Arbor, post-Borders

With Borders out of the picture, Ann Arbor started to fade off publishers' radars for big-name author tours. But innovative partnerships and a collaborative mentality have helped to keep literary luminaries in play. News from Concentrate  Read More →

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